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Why District Energy?

District energy is an attractive alternative to the installation and operation of on-site chilling plants used in the air conditioning of large condominium, commercial and industrial buildings. Read why it makes a good choice here.

Thermal Chicago Corporation’s district cooling service offer significant benefits to Chicago business owners and managers:

• Year-round reliability
• Predictable long-term operating and maintenance costs
• Recovery of marketable space previously occupied by large mechanical systems
• Avoidance of major capital expenditures
• Reduced peak electrical demand and flatter overall electrical load profile

Why Thermal Chicago?

Thermal Chicago Corporation owns and operates the world’s largest interconnected district cooling system, currently serving about 100 buildings in downtown Chicago. Thermal Chicago offers:

• Proven track record since 1995
• Industry-leading technology
• Dedicated team of experts with decades of technical and operational experience
• Five strategically located and interconnected plants, serving the Loop, West Loop, South Loop, and River North areas

As a result of its proven reliability and the benefits it provides, customers have increasingly turned to Thermal Chicago’s district cooling service as an alternative for both new and replacement air-conditioning systems.

NEW UPDATE – Thermal featured on local TV morning show

Thermal Chicago was featured on the WCIU You & Me This Morning “Did You Know?” segment. Click here to view the segment.

For more information, explore About District Cooling on this site, or Contact Us.